Monday, April 14, 2008

Cousin Tony ---- Work In Progress

8 Months of work.... Oh.... And still more work to be done!
"The Final Cut" should be done in a week or two.
Special Thanks to all of my group members who made it happen!


DrawDoll said...

Sweet screencaps! Congrats on the film, a job well done :)

Lettie said...

good job on the film : )

Christina Dee said...

really liked this film Yuriy. Awesome :D

pinky said...
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pinky said...

Hey Yuris!
Gotta say guy your stuff is look'n pretty fantabulous! I really dig your layouts!
Also congradulations on finsishing school and your film!

Tapan Gandhi said...

awesome film, mr. sivers! can't wait to see the final cut

Chris MacDonald said...

Well, I got the blog touched up and finished the other day. Feel free to browse through, and def check out the character design and layout stuff.

again, Thnks so much
Your input was appreaciated. Ill keep in touch over the summer. hope things work out for you.ttyl boyo