Sunday, December 23, 2007

extreme speed painting :)))

It's been exactly a year since i posted any of my "Man Vs Machine" paintings... enjoy
I've also been having some technical problems. I hooked up a big monitor to my laptop, but for some reason the other monitor is showing colors to be more saturated than they actually are (and since i use it to paint it becomes a big pain). Does anybody know a universal monitor setup software that i can use to precisely make necessary adjustments?


jurffy said...

hey man why doesn't the machine ever win?

Christina Dee said...

yeah those poor, defensless machines! paintings!!

Damian said...

Use DisplayMate to calibrate your lcd Yuriy. That's what I used and it worked wonders for me.

Nice cgs btw.

Lettie said...

haha wad about man vs womachine!!!