Sunday, July 29, 2007

Only1 month left --- so close to the finish line.

ig summer update 3... yeah baby yeah! And oh Yes! More Pictures!
These drawings were cleaned and colored in flash.
Lettie and I went to do some cafe sketching...Which was SO much Fun!
I will put more sketches next week, meanwhile enjoy!!! )))


LeMark said...

hey what up long time no hear! just got in touch with some people from our year because i was in oakville for the afternoon. just wanted to let u kno our group film is going well u can see what we ve been up to at , we ve been working with mentors and everything. hows it going in hali, the land of lobsters? i wanted to thank u again for trying to look for an internship for me earlier this summer. hopefully everything is good by u, hope to hear from u soon.

Yuriy Sivers said...

Hey Mark!
I wasn't sure if you got my e-mails.

Work is fine man... really busy though.
Nice to hear from you man! Can't wait to see your film.

LeMark said...

yea cant wait to finish it, hopefully itll be done in time!haahahah, yes time is always an issue! its great hearing from u! when do u get back from lobsterland?

Christina Dee said...

yuriy your music videos are awesome lol

Yuriy Sivers said...

I'm flying back on Aug 30th.
Good luck Mark! I'll see you on the other side!
Christina--- thank you girl.
I'm glad you like it. It makes all the difference.