Monday, June 4, 2007

Never Give Up! ....or else....

Hi guys! How is it going.
Just a lil' summer update dedicated for those people who are thinking about giving up.
Never give up!


ben said...

Nice work Yuriy, you're really stretching as an a artist and it's cool to see all the different styles. This guy reminds me of all those stories about those famous NFB animators who started out great but ended up penniless and drunk. Never give up! :)

How are things in Halifax? How's the job? Well, blog comments aren't best for a conversation. email me. humanb AT

jho said...

Cool style dude! I love your artworks!!

jurffy said...

ya how are things in Halifax? =p

Stacey Chomiak said...

Amen, brotha! Greetings from Winnipeg Yuriy!

Good on ya - never give up - even if it's continually pouring rain :)

Love the pose of the rat, classic.

Take care over yonder in Halifax!

Letz said...

my email is same for msn. and francis'

Yuriy Sivers said...

Thanks Guys for your comments! More work is on the way.

J-Halifax is going well. I will post more pictures over the weekend. I saw pictures from your summer job! Good stuff!

Stacey- It was really nice to hear from you! Things are going well...
And giving up is not on my list!

Lettie- Thanks for your e-mails )))
I will add you to my hotmail in the morning.

Overall! Guys thank you so much for your comments! For a while I thought blogs were dead! Hope your summer is going well!

Yuriy... AKA "That know"