Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oceans Of Time/Oceans of Rain....

Hi guys. Some of you already know, but recently I moved to Halifax, joining a lot of other Sheridan folks, and the way things are going now, the plan is to stay here until the end of the summer. The weather here is quite different, in fact it’s still cold and windy, and the winter jackets stay on. It’s getting warmer gradually, but it’s nothing like the summer in Toronto. Though I haven’t seen most of the Halifax yet,(busy at work) but the city is quite different from what I expected. It’s nowhere near being a quiet town that I thought it was. And excluding the last two days------- IT’S RAINING ALL THE TIME.

More photos and artwork are on the way.... Not surprisingly it’s really hard to get everybody to sit in one place.


Christina Dee said...

cool pictures! whereabouts are you working?

oh and in answer to your question, I've always enjoyed drawing anime, I just dont really do it at school :P

Anonymous said...

Hello Yurko :)
From sunny and hot Toronto (hmm...never thought i'd say something like that). How are you there? Drop me a line or two? Or better call, my number is still the same.

Good luck. Serg.