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"Humpty Dumpty is Scrambled" - Scene from Act II

Four years ago I have completed a short film called "Humpty Dumpty is Scrambled". The idea was born in 2007(6 years ago) on a cold summer night, while I working as rough animator, in Halifax, NS. I would be lying if I said that I found it, in many ways it had found me.
For some time I was trying to conceive a story where a main character would be familiar, yet not clearly understood. Most importantly the character had to die. Familiar - because it would make my job a lot easier when asked what I was working on."Humpty Dumpty, but new and exciting!" became my elevator speech. Not clearly understood - because I could use the opportunity to try and overhaul what the audience assumes they know about the said character. Death and/or Sacrifice was key though. Death leads to loss, reflection and summary - and that is exactly what I wanted. Finding the combination of these three elements wasn't easy. And then, it came.
At that time the room that I was renting was all covered in sketches. I would tape any good sketch I made to a wall and because I was drawing  6-8 hours a day soon I ran out of wall. I started taping drawings to a ceiling just above my bed. If you would have seen my room at that time I'm sure you would think I was mentally ill. And maybe I was. In fact, it is quite likely that the atmosphere I was creating around me in the room had finally laid an egg in my brain. Yes pun.
Before I started the pre-production on the film, the idea was marinating in my head for a year and a half. For a few months I didn't make any drawings of the main character or any concept art. Instead, I started collecting anything that I though was useful to a project - small cars, posters, history books. Quite quickly the wall became a symbolic version of the Berlin wall during 1970s.
It is hard to describe the excitement of working on this project and the frustration of trying to cram so much in into a 3 minute short. As much as I have tried, I was never able to fit the whole story I wanted to tell. Early in the beginning of production I decided to show only the last chapter in the story - when Humpty decides to climb the wall. With so much left out is it surprising that to this day this project haunts me. I have never stopped working on the project. Every year a make adjustments to the story and every year it's getting closer to being done. Which brings me to the scene in this post. Like some of the drawings which I have been posting in the last few years - these are the bits and pieces I hope to put together one day.  This project has driven me to meet so many interesting people, travel and every single job since I graduated from college. I am its child as much as it is mine.

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